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COSMIC HEALING CENTRE is a Mind - Body Energy Centre based in Dubai since 2001. Cosmic Healing Centre offers a wide range of activities including organisation of events and training programs that promote awareness in Healing modalities, Self-Empowerment workshops, Meditations, Alternative and Complementary therapies.


We are a growing community of healers who know that our ability to heal evolves out of our own personal journey of healing and spiritual understanding. We also understand both the challenges and opportunities that we are experiencing during this time of quickening of consciousness and of human/planetary evolution.


As a non-profit Trust all of the money that is generated goes back into the organisation and is used to nurture healing and peace through education, healthcare and self-development.


DEC 05 - DEC 13, 2019

The infinite Universe is like our Sun. The very nature of the Sun is to give light and life. The Sun could not exist or be a sun unless it was giving light and life. Can you imagine the Sun waking up one morning as it rises and thinking, I am sick of giving light and life! The moment the Sun stopped giving light and life, it could not exist. The infinite Universe is the same as the Sun. The very essence and nature of the infinite Universe is giving, and it could not exist otherwise.

When we are in harmony with the Laws of the Universe, we experience the joy of its continuous giving.

The Secret, Daily Teachings by Rhonda Byrne