Divine Healing

“ Non-Religious and Universal ”
Divine Healing comes from the infinite unbounded source of Creation. This is the highest level available to mankind. This Divine energy is without judgment or limitation and always comes from a place of Divine Love. To initiate Divine Healing you must connect with infinite Divine energy. The great Beings of the universe who know they are infinite and whole are the only ones capable of providing true Divine Healing. This kind of healing not only heals the ailment; it brings your whole system into alignment with the life force of the Creator. Wonderful transformations take place as a by-product of Divine Healing. Give yourself the gift of Divine Healing.
This course opens to Self Discovery and Powerful Healing!! All kinds of Healing Practitioners and Spiritual Quest Beings benefits this course.
2 Day Certification Course Covers
-> Divine Healing Basics
---> Who Am I?
---> Creation and Evolution
---> The Control System
---> Time for a Shift
-> Consciousness
---> How to raise yourself out of Mass Consciousness
---> How to Develop and Refine Your Consciousness
---> Spiritual Alchemy
---> Live the Impossible Dream
---> Three Levels of Enlightment
-> Soul of Romance
---> Distinct Phases of Romance
---> Spiritual Love (Unconditional Love)
---> How to Surrender
-> Spiritual Psychology
---> Six Steps to Spiritualize and Heal the Emotions
---> Importance of Developing Self – Love and a Right Relationship to the Inner Child
---> Owning your Personal Power
-> Healing
---> Basic Healing Principles
---> Higher Dimensional Healing
---> Higher Spiritual Healing Activations
---> Manifestation Activations and Prayers
---> Ground One’s Spirituality into daily life
---> Heal the Physical Body
-> Inner Self Empowerment
-> Psychic Protection
-> Energy Purification of Water and Food before Consumption
-> Spiritual Symbols and Importance
-> A to Z of Divine Healing
-> Astral Travel (Projection)
-> Divine Meditation


Holistic Hypnotherapy            

Learn Holistic Hypnosis for Weight Control, Stop Smoking, Remove Fears - Specific and General, Improve Confidence and More………
Holistic Hypnotherapy is an efficient, exciting and enlightening tool for personal and spiritual growth. By pinpointing and understanding the source of the obstacles that prevent you from living life fully, you can transform them with Hypnosis. This method of opening to your full potential allows you to discover unexpected ways to experience this reality and to connect with your soul's purpose in every aspect of your life.
There are various forms or types of hypnotherapy. Traditional practices are based solely on the use of suggestion and focus entirely on programming the client's subconscious mind with a set of commands or instructions called suggestions. Although this can be effective, suggestion-only therapy has drawbacks: namely, relapse and transference. Suggestion-based hypnotherapy does not address the cause of an issue or problem. It only serves to mask or cover up a subconscious cause or condition. Other forms of hypnotherapy rely heavily on the use of visualization or regression therapy- Holistic Hypnotherapy does not.
Holistic Hypnotherapy goes far beyond the traditional forms of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Lasting results are experienced by gently releasing and resolving the subconscious cause of an issue or problem in gentle, yet powerful and direct ways. Furthermore, Holistic Hypnotherapy works with the mind, body and emotions to bring one's whole self into the life change and healing process. Holistic Hypnotherapy is capable, in most cases, of producing lifelong results in a mere fraction of the time normally required by traditional therapy or counseling methods. Holistic Hypnotherapy is an empowering way to experience positive change.
Holistic Hypnotherapy does not exclusively focus on isolating, solving and fixing a person and their problem. Therapy takes place during a session, and the approach goes beyond the "problem-identification mindset" that so often keeps people from experiencing the very results they would like to experience in their life! Holistic Hypnotherapy incorporates therapy as part of a larger whole that supports empowerment, inner healing, lasting change and transformation. No matter what you are dealing with in your life, there is much more to you than the problem or issue at hand. Holistic Hypnotherapy can gently, compassionately and effectively move you beyond self-limiting blocks, old beliefs, unhealthy behavior patterns and limiting perceptions that keep you from realizing your potential to positively heal, change and transform yourself and your life. Holistic Hypnotherapy provides you an empowering way to work with your mind, body and emotions to experience positive, healthy and lasting results.
There are 5 LEVELS for the this Course!
Holistic Hypnotherapy Level I Course        ~ 2 days ~ Dhs. 1500/-
This 2 Days Certified Course covers
• History of Hypnosis
• Theory of Mental Body
• Physical and Emotional Suggestibility
• Various Depths of Hypnosis Management
• Hypnotic Inductions
• Physical and Emotional Sexuality
• Foundations and General Guidelines
• Dream Interpretation
HOLISTIC HYPNOSIS LEVEL II Course       ~ 2 days ~ Dhs. 1700/-
This 2 Days Certified Course covers
• Finding Root cause of the Challenge in a Being
• Removal of Fear and Phobia
• Pain Management
• Removal of Depression, Anxiety, Worry
• Success Management
• Memory Enhancement
• Age Regression
• Past Life Regression
• Addiction Management
HOLISTIC PYSCHOLOGIST         ~ 2 days ~ Dhs. 1700/-
• Counselling
• Feature of Disorders
• Human Anatomy and Pathology
• Psychological Inventions
• Personal Constructional Theory
• Preventing Suicide
• Ethical Principles
• Child Centered Services
• Traumatic Stress Disorder
• Divine Empowerment Technique
• Practical Dealing with Children Challenges
• Practical Dealing with Parental Issues
• Practical Dealing with Relationship Issues
Holistic NLP Practitioner        ~ 2 days ~ Dhs. 2200/-
• The Elements of Neuro Linguistic Programming
• Model Yourself with NLP
• Tap into your Inner Potential
• Align Yourself ~ Levels of influence
• Write your own lifescript: Beliefs of excellence
• Achieve what you really want: Well-formed outcomes
• Develop a climate of trust: Rapport
• Negotiate your way through life: Perceptual positions
• Resolving conflict: Parts integration
• Giving and receiving feedback
• High-performance coaching
• Heal through humor
HOLISTIC HYPNOTHERAPIST       ~ 3 days ~ Dhs. 3500/-
• Holistic Hypno Weight Band ~ 3 days ~ 3500/-
• Hands On applications


Reiki Healing Level 1

Students learn about the history of Reiki, principles and applications of Reiki in healing self and others. In First degree a series of attunements are given by a Reiki Master. In this process with three powerful meditations certain energy centers also known as ‘chakras’ is opened to enable the person to channel a higher amount of universal life force energy. After the process of attunement one can lay his/her hands on self or another person and transfer Reiki to help the healing process. This is the most important attunement in Reiki since this is when a student is initiated into Reiki for the first time. The course includes detailed hands on practice. On completion you will receive certificate, Reiki level 1 notes and a meditation CD.


Reiki Healing Level II

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery. In Reiki level II, students expand upon their learning and skills acquired during the previous level. Most importantly, students further their understandingof energy and how to utilize Reiki for those at a distance. This is often called absentee healing or healing by proxy. In other words, students are introduced to the concept of distance healing. As part of the training they practice sending Reiki to a friend or relative at a distance. Theyare taught the three sacred Reiki II symbols, in terms of how to use them to augment healing therapy. Reiki II symbols are powerful and they will learn to use them and apply them productively and effectively during Reiki II training. Students are also given a much more in-depth overview of all of the Chakras. The attunements related to Reiki II are powerful and wonderful to experience.
Pre-requisite: Students should have completed Reiki level I with at least 21 days practice.


Basic DNA ThetaHealing

This class introduces the basics of ThetaHealing and teaches one to use natural intuitive senses to access "theta" in a matter of seconds. The heart of this class focuses on techniques that allow one to change life patterns held in place by core, genetic, historic and soul beliefs, either self inflicted or externally imposed.
• The Theta brain wave and how to access it
• Uncover subconscious beliefs through muscle testing
• The Seven Planes of Existence.
• Contacting Creator
• Intuitive body scanning and Physical healing
• Intuitive Readings, Self-Healings, and Group Healings
• Identify and change Root Beliefs
• Download teachings and install positive feelings
• Gene Replacement Therapy
• Install Fountain of Youth Genetic Programming and DNA Activations
• Future and Past Life Readings
• Remote Healings
• Contact your Guardian Angels and other Spirit Guides
• Attracting Soul Mates, Life Partners, and Twin Souls
• Manifesting
• Removal of Waywards
• Removal of Psychic Attacks and Psychic Hook
• Retrieve and Return Soul Fragments
• Dealing with Death
• Install Fountain of Youth Genetic Programming and DNA Activations
Upon completion, your will become a qualified practitioner of ThetaHealing and will receive Vianna Stibal's latest book ThetaHealing, and a designated practitioner's manual from the THINK Institute.


Advanced DNA ThetaHealing

The Advanced ThetaHealingฎ Course expands the information in the Basic Class to encompass an in-depth understanding of the Seven Planes of Existence that surround us. The student will learn how to clear old resentments, vows, and commitments that hold them back. The student will discover how to heal with the “Baby in the Womb” and “Heal the Broken Soul” exercises. The student will receive Feelings that are Downloaded from the Instructor that will bring profound healing and enlightenment to them. This class is a delightful experience as students are filled with many new and positive feelings such as knowing how to live in the now and what self acceptance feels like for the Seventh Plane.
• The Awakened Masters
• Release from Oaths & Vows
• An in-depth understanding of The Seven Planes of Existence
• Equations of Planes of Existence
• Vows to be cleared
• Programs of the Planes
• An understanding of Initiations
• Advanced Healing
• Advanced Programs
• Key Beliefs -Digging
• An in-depth study of Belief Work
• Finding the Bottom Belief
• Fear Work
• An in-depth study of the Feeling Work
• Downloads - The instilling of Feelings
• The Three Rs - The release of Resentments, Rejections and Regrets
• Exercise - Free Floating Memories
• Exercise - Baby in the Womb
• Exercise - The Broken Soul
• Exercise - Second Plane meets Seventh Plane
• Exercise - Fourth Plane meets Seventh Plane
• Exercise - Clearing Non-Organic Material
• Exercise - Talk to Higher Self
• DNA 3 Pre-requisites
• The Sacred Number Seven


Manifestation And Abundance

You do not have wait for life to happen but actively and consciously participate in creating your own reality. In this two-day workshop, you will experience the awareness of Remembering Your Future from the 7th Plane rather than 'seeing' your future from this now point forward. You will also "see" your Divine Timing. This workshop is amazingly dynamic, interactive and very shifting with over 100 beliefs to clear. You will also become aware of the blocks that hinder you from creating what you really want, how to create a plan to move forward in your personal and soul goals, and how to work with the events leading up to your Divine Timing more easily
• Learn about the blocks and beliefs around manifesting
• Test and Clear 100 beliefs around Abundance and Manifestation
• Clear Regrets and fears that block your opulence and soul passion
• How to create abundance in your daily life
• Understanding Divine Timing
• Remembering your Future—know what you came here to create and see it unfold
• Learn how to charge/assign jobs to Non-organic material
• Training your mind for success
• More Creator’s teachings for abundance


Inner Beauty Practitioner Course            

This certification course helps you to radiate skin, body and soul. This beauty course does not use chemicals; but Divine energy to invoke beauty. The Practitioner can deal with emotional, physical and mental aspects. Aroma Therapy maintains balance and harmony of body and mind. Dry skin, acne, cellulite, wrinkles, dark circles, dark spots, thinning hair can be completely healed with Aroma and Organic Therapy. Reveal the Inner Beauty!!
The 2 Day Course Covers
• Know Your Skin (Anatomy)
• Aroma Therapy
• The AM & PM plan for Skin Care
• Skin Foods
• Understanding Antioxidants
• Organic Therapy
• Add Colour To Your Life (Colour Therapy)
• Chakras Knowledge
• Crystal Therapy
• Powerful Beauty Affirmations
• Divine Healing


Basic Vastu Shastra

In universal term Vastu is a set of cosmic and earthy energies for health, wealth, peace and prosperity, required for all the inmates living in the abode. Vastu Shastra is a derivative form of Vastva which stands for providing shelter. Vastu Shastra in terms of biology speaks of gaining a number of positive vibes in the house. Vastu is the combination of five positive elements called “Panch Mahabhuta”. Vastu encompasses the techniques to decide directions, placement and positioning of various aspects related to building. Any shelter such as home, commercial or residential establishment built on the guideline of Vastu Shastra is certainly blessed the health, wealth, prosperity and happiness.
• Crystal Dowsing
• Sacred Geometry
• Pyramidology
• Introduction to FIVE elements.
• Introduction to EIGHT major directions.
• Planets, colors, Dieties of all EIGHT directions.
• Vastu Purush
• Scientific principles on Vastu
• Each direction benefits and its ill effects.


Advanced Vastu Shastra

In Vastu Shastra (Advanced) follows the science of Vaastu which provides peace, prosperity and progress to the owner as also the inmates. This happy admixture of ancient heritage and modern science can go a long way in reviving this edifice science. In nutshell " Vaastu" lays down principles for construction of the houses, commercial buildings and industries etc. Which harmonies with the neighborhood, nature and the entire universe.
After completion of this Course, the Practitioner can work as an efficient Vaastu Consultant
• Scientific Vaastu
• Geopathic Stress
• Energy Level Inside THE PLOT
• Selection of LAND |PLOT
• Slope of LAND
• Location of the WELL | BORING
• Obstacles in FRONT OF ENTRANCE
• Effect of Septic Tank
• Vaastu for Office, Factories, Banks, Educational Institude, Hospitals and Shops
• Evakuation excercises for a HOUSE AND FLAT
• Auspicious Colours of the Rooms and Building
• Questions and Answers

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