Reiki Healing Level 1 Course            

As human beings we are more than just the physical body. Our energy body plays a vital role in our wellbeing at all levels of existence including physical health, mental health, emotional health, and material wealth. Reiki introduces you to the concept of energy healing and how to keep yourself balanced despite various stresses of life. In Reiki level 1 Students learn how to utilize the universal energy in healing self and others. First degree Reiki introduces you to Reiki and with the help of attunement given by a Reiki Master you are taught how to direct the universal energy to where it is required for healing and balancing. In this level there are powerful meditations which helps to remove blockages from your energy centers also known as chakras' enables you to channel a higher amount of universal life force energy. After the process of attunement one can lay his/her hands on self or another person and transfer Reiki to help the healing process. This is the most important attunement in Reiki since this is when a student is initiated into Reiki for the first time. The course includes detailed hands on practice. On completion you will receive Reiki level 1 certificate of completion and manual.
Conducted by : Ms. Shobanna Pisharody, Certified Reiki Master | Teacher, Master | Teacher in Magnified healing, Hypnotherapist and Yoga Teacher and Healer..
Dates: MARCH 19, 2022
Time : 09:30 AM TO 5:30 PM
Energy Exchange : Dhs. 1100/-


Divine Healing Practitioner Course            

Non-Religious and Universal
Divine Healing comes from the infinite unbounded source of Creation. This is the highest level available to mankind. This Divine energy is without judgment or limitation and always comes from a place of Divine Love. To initiate Divine Healing you must connect with infinite Divine energy. The great Beings of the universe who know they are infinite and whole are the only ones capable of providing true Divine Healing. This kind of healing not only heals the ailment; it brings your whole system into alignment with the life force of the Creator. Wonderful transformations take place as a by-product of Divine Healing. Give yourself the gift of Divine Healing.
This course opens to Self Discovery and Powerful Healing!! All kinds of Healing Practitioners and Spiritual Quest Beings benefits this course.
2 Day Certification Course Covers
-> Divine Healing Basics
---> Who Am I?
---> Creation and Evolution
---> The Control System
---> Time for a Shift
-> Consciousness
---> How to raise yourself out of Mass Consciousness
---> How to Develop and Refine Your Consciousness
---> Spiritual Alchemy
---> Live the Impossible Dream
---> Three Levels of Enlightment
-> Soul of Romance
---> Distinct Phases of Romance
---> Spiritual Love (Unconditional Love)
---> How to Surrender
-> Spiritual Psychology
---> Six Steps to Spiritualize and Heal the Emotions
---> Importance of Developing Self Love and a Right Relationship to the Inner Child
---> Owning your Personal Power
-> Healing
---> Basic Healing Principles
---> Higher Dimensional Healing
---> Higher Spiritual Healing Activations
---> Manifestation Activations and Prayers
---> Ground One Spirituality into daily life
---> Heal the Physical Body
-> Inner Self Empowerment
-> Psychic Protection
-> Energy Purification of Water and Food before Consumption
-> Spiritual Symbols and Importance
-> A to Z of Divine Healing
-> Divine Meditation
Conducted by : Dr. Ssrija Nair, Divine Healer|Trainer. Ssrija holds Master degree from India on Alternative Medicine and is a qualified practitioner of Divine Healing, Pranic Healing, Theta Healing, Pyramid Healing, Magnetic Healing, Hypnotherapy and Reiki. What makes her training more effective is her years of successful practice as a healer and her awareness of the various energy healing modalities.
Dates: MARCH 26 and 27, 2022
Time : 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Energy Exchange : Dhs. 1600/-