• Twin Heart Meditation
  • Universal Mantra Meditation
  • Colour Healing Meditation
  • Forgiveness Meditation
  • Prosperity Meditation
  • Relationship Meditation
  • Whirling Meditation
  • Success Meditation
  • Super Brain Meditation
  • Kundalini Meditation
  • Higher Soul Meditation
  • Abundance Meditation
  • Angel Meditation
  • Self Confidence Meditation
  • Garden Meditation



The tools for scaling the lofty heights of the spirit is Meditation. In meditation, we remove the innumerable obstacles that hide and cover our native capacity for love, until in the end we become love itself not merely love. All barriers fall; all separateness is gone. Everyone’s joy becomes your joy; Everyone’s welfare is inseparable from your own. That is what love means; that is the capacity already present in your heart and for releasing this capacity for love, there is nothing on earth like meditation. Meditation is training the mind, teaching your thoughts and desires to obey you.

Meditation shines as a tool with truly limitless power. Through the practice of meditation, you can change your personality completely- from selfish to unselfish, from insecure to secure, from unloving to loving, from separate into whole. The promise of meditation is that it can enable us to get below the surface level of consciousness and begin to take control of the thinking process. Then we go beyond conditioning and start to reshape our personality. If our lives were a film, the genes (the body) would only be stage hands the director is Ego, our self centered, conditioned personality. The mind gets the supporting roles, and countless desires run about as extras to make up for the lack of plot. In meditation, however, we get hold of the camera and the direction. The supporting cast is the same, the makeup artist and the set designer are the same, but we get a new script and a new star. Even biologically, we become a different person; the genetic material is the same, but behavior is different, thinking is different, the person is wholly transformed.

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