Home Clearing

There are lots of reasons to do an energetic house clearing for your home now and then. While many will want to do a house clearing because they intuit that their homes are haunted, others are moving into houses that are new to them, and desire to remove all the energy of the previous owners. Transitions in one’s life are another good time to do a house clearing, such as after a divorce, or even after an unpleasant argument, or if someone has died.


House clearing, also called space clearing, transforms energies in your environment to make it safer, healthier and happier for you, your family, your pets and plants.


To live well, you should be in harmony with your environment. If your inner and outer environments are not balanced, you will experience (among other things):


  • Ill health in you, your children, pets and plants
  • Sleep issues including nightmares
  • Broken or difficult relationships
  • Problems in your career or business
  • Emotional challenges such as depression, OCD, ADHD and moodiness
  • Financial problems

Cost Involved

Residential Apartment / Villa upto 1 bedroom - Dhs. 1500/-
Residential Apartment / Villa upto 3 bedrooms - Dhs. 2000/-
Residential Apartment / Villa upto 5 bedrooms - Dhs. 2500/-
Residential Apartment / Villa upto 7 bedrooms - Dhs. 3000/-


Business Clearing

A business space clearing creates the environment of success in your business.
You especially need this if your business has:


Some of the symptoms of noxious environmental energy at work are:



Cost Involved
Commercial Space within 2,000 sqft - Dhs. 1800/-

Commercial Space within 5,000 sqft - Dhs. 2500/-

Commercial Space within 10,000 sqft - Dhs. 3500/-


Make your surroundings a better place to live in.
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Additional CHARGES along with pick and drop off for Certified Consultant in other areas:
Abu Dhabi ~ Dhs. 1500/-
Al Ain ~ Dhs. 1500/-
Sharjah ~ Dhs. 500/-
Ajman ~ Dhs. 500/-
Ras Al Khaimah ~ Dhs. 1000/-
Other Middle East Countries (Oman,Bahrain, Kuwait, Jeddah, Riyadh, Egypt, Syria, Jordan) - Dhs 3000/- additional charge + visa, air fare, accomodation and transportation for two staff on account of the client.